Monday, January 10, 2011

Swiss doctors commend Canada's gun laws

Doctors back anti-gun move to save lives Swiss doctors consider it their professional duty to back an initiative aimed at restricting access to firearms... The Swiss Medical Association, which represents the overwhelming majority of practising doctors, considers the initiative an important part of suicide prevention. 'It is about public health and suicide prevention. This is our core business, to save lives,' said the association's president, Jacques de Haller...

'In general terms it is our duty to treat people suffering from depression, to assist them and of course to avoid death,' he said... More than 90 per cent of the people who died of gunshot wounds are suicide cases... 'As we learn from observations in England, Scotland, Australia and Canada we can conclude that there is a correlation between stricter gun laws and fewer suicide cases with firearms. There is a lower suicide rate altogether,' says de Haller... 'It might not have an impact on crime -- is not the target of the initiative -- but safety in terms of fewer suicides and less domestic violence.'
Image: Karl Fredrik Reutersward, Non-violence, 1985, UN Plaza, NY; source here.