Friday, March 13, 2009

Israel spying on Canada

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States
Christopher Ketcham, Alternet: In 2004, the authoritative Jane's Intelligence Group noted that Israel's intelligence organizations "have been spying on the US and running clandestine operations since Israel was established."... 

The former deputy director of counterintelligence at FBI, Harry B. Brandon [said] that "the Israelis are interested in commercial as much as military secrets... Virtually the entire American telecommunications system is bugged by [Israeli-formed] companies with possible ties to Israel's eavesdropping agency."...

In 2000, the Canadian intelligence service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, conducted "a probe related to allegations that [Israeli] spies used rigged software to hack into Canada's top secret intelligence files," according to an article in the Toronto Star. Several sources in the US intelligence community told me the Canadians liaised with their American counterparts to try to understand the problem. 

According to the Bush administration official who spoke with me, "the Dutch also had some to the CIA very concerned about what the Israelis were doing with this." The Dutch intelligence service, under contract with Verint, "had discovered strange things were going on -- there was activity on the network, the Israelis uploading and downloading stuff out of the switches, remotely, and apparently using it for their own wiretap purposes. The CIA was very embarrassed to say, 'We have the same problem.' But the CIA didn't have an answer for them."
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