Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti: Dignity and respect

The Haiti I love is still there
Michael Diebert, Salon: Hardly anyone who has witnessed the response of the Haitians to this great catastrophe has not been moved by their incredible resilience and solidarity and their intact sense of humor... As all the pillars of the Haitian state... collapsed around them, the Haitians helped one another, dug through rubble, prayed, sang and showed everyone who has watched them what the meaning of true perseverance in the face of adversity looks like... Seeing their dignity in this moment has made me love them and their battered country as never before. 'Life goes on,' a friend of mine who lost his wife in the earthquake told me yesterday, bringing to mind the famous Haitian proverb, deye mon gen mon. Beyond the mountains there are more mountains.

Paul Woodward: Dignity is perhaps the most precious human resource on the planet and its distribution bears no relationship with the distribution of material wealth. Indeed, it is so often to be found in greatest abundance among those who possess the least. That's why at times such as these, hands reached out in help should also offer respect.

Haiti: 360 degrees (interactive)
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