Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Draws 100,000 in Missouri

"It comes down to values," Obama continued. "In America, do we simply value wealth -- or do we value the work that creates it? For eight years we've seen what happens when we put the extremely wealthy and well-connected ahead of working people."

Paul Woodward: Karl couldn't have put it better, yet for so many Americans who've fallen down the rabbit hole of the myth of free enterprise, the freedom of wealth creation has been abstracted from the context within which it occurs. Work is turned into a gift for those who most desperately need it, bestowed by those who claim the largest portion of its rewards. But that isn't really the work we believe in.

The GOP could learn a thing or two from the South Africans and the Israelis: If you believe in and want to sustain a divided society, you should only cling to such a position for as long as you can deprive your opponents of political rights... As so often happens, once the dominant power loses its dominance, it clings to the tactics of domination -- even when they have become self-defeating. 
Image: Linda Davidson/The Washington Post.