Monday, October 27, 2008

US attacks linked to election

Syria on Monday vehemently protested over a US attack on a border village that left eight civilians dead on Sunday, with the official press branding it a "war crime." Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora also condemned the US attack as "unacceptable" violation of Syrian sovereignty. Thabet Salem, a veteran Syrian political analyst, told Gulf News it was "nothing but part of John McCain's election campaign... They (the Republicans) want to show the world that things remain complicated in the Middle East and threats are still there, to justify continuation of the 'war on terror.' This gives strong long-term support to the McCain presidency."

Juan Cole: Scott McClellan has already told us that the Bushies are in campaign mode 24/7. I'd say that every single thing they are doing, whether raiding Pakistan or raiding Syria, is intended in some way to help the Republican Party in the election, in addition to whatever local military goal the action had.
Image: Nico Pitney/Huffington Post; 4000 dead make up Bush/McCain faces.