Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Irish aid vessel due in Gaza Saturday

War in Context: The MV Rachel Corrie, whose passage to join the Freedom Flotilla may have been delayed because of sabotage by Israelis, is now headed for Gaza -- and it has the full support of the Irish government... The Irish prime minister, Brian Cowen, has warned Israel that it will face 'the most serious consequences' in the event that any harm comes to Irish citizens aboard the humanitarian relief vessel. The Irish Times reports: Mr Cowen said Ireland's longstanding position was that the Israeli blockade of Gaza was 'immoral and counterproductive' and should be ended.

The Raw Story: The ship [is] named after the 23-year-old U.S. peace activist Rachel Corrie -- who was crushed to death in 2003 by an American-built bulldozer operated by the Israeli army... According to the Irish Times, 'The government has formally requested the Israeli government to allow the Irish-owned ship to be allowed to complete its journey unimpeded and discharge its humanitarian cargo in Gaza. The Rachel Corrie is carrying medical equipment, wheelchairs and cement, a material Israel has banned... the Seattle Post-Globe reported.

Rachel Corrie Returns

If you once thought
that when you crushed her bones
and stopped her mouth with sand and stone
murder would bring silence,
then think again.

If you once counted
on distance in time and space
to wear away the memory and in its place
leave blank acceptance,
then think again.

If you once believed
that your great lie could hold
back the tide until by virtue of its growing old
it could be taken for the truth,
then think again.

See how proudly she breasts
a merciful sea,
defiant of your tanks and jets and mines,
laden with the best in all of us,
full of love for Palestine.

-- Richard Jones, in comment at Raw Story.
Image source here.