Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One-third of Americans would choose Canada

Most would move to Canada, if they could: Poll
Vancouver Sun: A majority of people from around the world would move to Canada is presented with the opportunity... The online survey of over 18,000 people in 24 countries, conducted by Ipsos Reid, showed that 53 percent of people... would like to live in Canada, if they could. Almost one-third (30 per cent) of Americans would choose Canada too, according to the poll results.

Eight in ten respondents (79 per cent) said they think Canadians enjoy one of the best qualities of life anywhere in the world. Seventy-two per cent believed that Canada is welcoming to immigrants... Seventy-nine per cent described Canada as being 'tolerant of people from different racial and cultural backgrounds.'

Globe and Mail: Among those who have completed only elementary education, the U.S. outstrips Canada by a considerable margin. But among those who have completed secondary education, Canada leads... The difference in education between immigrants to the two countries may explain why Canadian immigrants do better financially... The gap between immigrant income and the national median income is also more pronounced in the United States...

'The better-educated cohort may be more disposed to coming here because they feel opportunity is not as strong in the U.S.... We have a stronger support network, a stronger safety net, which may be a powerful incentive,' Dr. Jedwab said. 'Part of it also has to do with people with a greater knowledge of Canada... '[The findings] say something about the way Canada is perceived abroad by more educated segments of the planet.'
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