Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Index of Potential Unrest

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'Can Data Predict Political Revolutions?'
Richard Florida, The Atlantic: With the help of my colleague Charlotta Mellander, we pulled together statistics from 152 nations and sorted them according to eight key variables: human capital levels in combination with percent of the workforce in the creative class, life satisfaction, GDP per capita, perceptions about local labor market conditions, Internet access, freedom, tolerance, and honesty in elections. The data comes from the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, and the Gallup Organization. The map below shows how these nations stack up...

Among the highest scorers are the West Bank/Gaza Strip (.75), Yemen (.75), Egypt (.74), and Iraq (.72)... On the other wise of the ledger, the world's most stable nations are the Netherlands (.25), Norway (.15), Australia (.17), Finland ((.18) and Canada (.19). The United States is in 20th place (.3).