Thursday, April 21, 2011

Immigration experts warn against HarperCons

Don't vote Conservative, newcomers urged
Toronto Star: In an unusual move, a group of Canadian lawyers and legal academics are urging voters not to support the Conservative Party in the May 2 election. "The Conservative Party has been telling visible minority immigrant communities, which it calls the 'ethnic vote,' that it is improving the immigration system," said the group in a statement released [April 20]. "A review of their record shows the contrary." The group, made up of leading immigration lawyers and professors across Canada, said the Conservative Party has misled the public, especially immigrant voters, by making twisted statements about the state of Canada's immigration and refugee system, in order to win newcomer votes.

Despite the media hype and government propaganda, Canadian immigration experts, both academics and lawyers, do not think that the Conservative government is doing immigrant communities any favours.

Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney and the Conservatives have target the so-calle 'ethnic vote,' hoping to convince immigrant communities that the Conservatives have made things better fot their communities and that these communities should support them. However, a review of the facts shows that this government's policies have not been friendly to immigrant communities. Moreover, the Conservative government has made a habit of using immigration issues to stir up anti-immigrant sentiments amongst other Canadians.

[See list of specific charges here.]

If you believe in the concept of family reunification, that is the ability of immigrants and Canadians to bring their parents, grandparents, children and spouses to Canada; if you believe in a fair and timely skilled worker program that recruits the best and the brightest from around the world to join our midst; if you believe in justice for refugees without automatic imprisonment; if you believe in spousal sponsorship processing that does not lead to the potential for greater spousal abuse and neglect, then you must not support the Conservative Party in the upcoming Federal Election on May 2nd.