Friday, May 13, 2011

Canadians most tolerant

At 84% on average, Canadians report the highest community tolerance of minority groups -- ethnic minorities, migrants, and gays and lesbians -- in the OECD, where the average is 61%.

Postmedia News: Canadians are hard-working, great readers, the most tolerant people in the developed world, and enjoy more 'positive experiences' than everyone but Icelanders, according to a new analysis of social trends.

But Canadians have a below-average participation rate in elections, don't produce many babies and, in one apparently contradictory finding, are more likely to report 'negative experiences,' according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [in] its Society at a Glance report, done every two years...

'Canadians have the second highest rate of positive experiences in the OECD after Iceland -- feeling well-rested, being treated with respect, smiling, doing something interesting and experiencing enjoyment,' the OECD said... At the same time, Canadians have (above-average) negative experiences -- pain, worry, sadness, stress and depression...

'Canada had the sixth-highest proportion of foreign-born people in its population, at roughly one in five... Canadian 15-year olds rank third in reading skills, behind only Korea and Finland.'

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