Saturday, May 7, 2011

Found: Tom Thompson's 'Early Snow'

Lost Tom Thompson sketch is being repatriated after spending five decades in the U.S.

Vancouver Sun: 'Early Snow': No one is quite sure when it was painted -- it could be anywhere between 1913 and '17. But there's no question it is one of the small number of paintings done by Thompson...' I am absolutely certain this is a Tom Thompson sketch, A.Y. Jackson' wrote on the back. A.Y. Jackson, of course, was one of the painters in the Group of Seven, and a close friend of Thompson's until Thompson's untimely death in 1917...

The Thompson painting... has been hanging in 'a little bungalow in Pittsburgh for several decades. 'It was a nice bungalow,' laughs Linda Rodeck of Sotheby's. 'It wasn't just anywhere... And the owner knew exactly what she had.'
Image source here.