Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sevens and Eights

Kevin Phillips, interviewed by Bill Moyers:

There are seven sharks in the tank with the [US] economy:
1. Financialization, because we're so dependent on this industry that's sort of half lost its marbles.
2. Huge buildup of debt, absolutely unprecedented anywhere in the world.
3. Home prices collapsing.
4. Global commodity inflation building up.
5. Flawed and deceptive government economics statistics.
6. Peak oil, where the world is running out of oil.
7. The collapsing dollar.

Now, whenever you get this sort of package in one decade, you got a big one. And when [Alan] Greenspan says it's once a century, I think it's another variation but on a par with the thirties.

Variables significantly associated with conservatism include:
1. Fear and aggression
2. Dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity
3. Uncertainty avoidance
4. Need for cognative closure
5. Personal need for structure
6. Terror management
7. Group-based dominance
8. System justification