Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Like the OIF went crazy': How to help

Video: Nowhere to run for those trapped in Gaza

Email message from Mahmoud AbuKhaled, 
forwarded by a friend: 
We are fine so far,even things are very bad,7 from family,relatives been killed and some been wounded,What can I Tel you,
Things are very bad,when things started at 11:30 I went to help people who been wounded,I have arrived up on request of the local radio station when the call for help ,I have arrive to El Jouaist,Arfat police city, after 7 mins after the attack ,It was my 1st shock,when I have seen bodies more than 60 bodies where laying on the ground with no direct injury on their bodies only blood from eyes,ears,noes,few holes and mouth , on faces and bodies,where noon of us can help I have checked many men ,where they been expired ,I have at the area which is not far away from the 1st location, where things been different ,it was different story bodies been torn into pieces ,hands ,feet,legs are a parts this was about 15 bodies some of the where alive so I have started 1st aid like some dressing,tornqit  due to many of them had amputations and so.but finally due the  the F16,and helicopters was still on I have went with one of ambulance to Shafia hospital , things was over their worse,we have started to work but it was so difficult due to the shortage of the medicals supplies,I have seen many,many bodies belive me it was like you have mix bodies all over together, we do not know which leg from whom,or which hand for whom,head fro whom.
So we have put died bodies  over each other and rape it with blankets,some bodies we have asked other to evcutated them to other hall if you have seen on TV.
Belive me the emergency room was full of bodies of men,women kids of different ages,hospital was unable to handle such large numbers,so the have open the medical part of the hospital  even with this we face a lots of difficulties again power problems ,dressing, medicals supplies,Beds...etc.all of us where full of blood all of our hands, cloths,I have used double gloves. We have used the Dr .tables ,reception desk like beds,land,I have started some IV push,injections,dressing,it was about more 5 hours like this,At that moment I have discover the bodies of 4 of our family  and relative ,it was shock for me to see 2 are brothers is killed they are working  at police as horse trainers,and another one who was in very bad condition transfer to ICU ,Who passed away after while ,around 17:30 I went home,to see my kids they where in very bad psychotically state due to the shelling all over the areas.Abed Al Kaream was in very bad condition,even he had difficulty of specking and he was attached me as soon as I was into till now,me or his mother,and he could not sleep for the last 48 hrs.I have left home to go the freonals  to bary killed ,it was like you go to the asymtrey with one body and when you finish you find that another killed ,so it was like for more 2 days,shelling was like the OIF went crazy, they attacked every things,Mosques,houses,ground play,offices,associations,foundations,market ,killing about 380 most of them kids women,civilian ,1800 wounded 200 are in very bad conditions and they may pass away at any time.

If you can help by sending money, here are options:
3. Send a cheque for $10 to The Religious Society of Friends, Peterborough, c/0 Margaret Slavin, 206 Perry Street, Peterborough, ON K9J 2J2, Canada, with 'Mahmoud's house' written in the memo line.

Our finest young men are attacking Gaza now. Good boys from good homes are doing bad things... Our excellent pilots are effectively bullies now. As in training flights, they bomb undisturbed, facing neither an air force nor defense system... These are not sadistic Border Police officers beating up Arabs in the alleys of Nablus and the center of Hebron, or cruel undercover soldiers who shoot their targets point-blank in cold blood. These, as we have said, are our finest young men... Is it really the case that our pilots return safely to base, or are they in fact returning to them as callous, cruel and blind people?