Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'I couldn't save anything'

Video: Gaza's destruction revealed

The Times [UK]: Ibrahim Abu Amrin sat on the ruins of his house, dressed in ragged clothes, sheltered by a blanket stretched between poles. Nearby a few of his 13 children dug in the rubble, looking for possessions to salvage. Of the citrus and olive trees that once adorned his garden not a trace was left. 'I couldn't save anything,' said the elderly teacher, with tears in his eyes. 'We have nothing left -- no money, no food. We have nowhere else to go.'... Maha Sultan, 33, returned to retrieve some possessions for her four children. She found her apartment block reduced to rubble... 'In my worst dreams I didn't think it would be this bad,' she sobbed. 'This was the house of my children. All the pictures of my children, my diaries, my wedding ring are gone. The Israelis have wiped out my future and my past.'

The Times [UK] has uncovered dozens of incidents in which doctors say that civilians have been wounded by white phosphorus, which burns at extremely high temperatures until its oxygen is cut off. Last week UN officials in Gaza were certain that their compound had been hit by white phosphorus shells... Amnesty International said its team had found proof that Israeli forces were using white phosphorus in densely-populated residential areas in Gaza City and in the north...

'We were attacked by an army. But we are not an army, we have no way to defend ourselves... We will go back to our home. We are not political but we will go on with Hamas. This is how it is.'
Image: University of Palestine; source here.