Friday, January 16, 2009

Israel 'acting out a victory lust'

BBC: Palestinian civilians in Gaza say Israeli forces shot at them as they tried to leave their homes -- in some cases bearing white flags. One testimony heard by the BBC and human rights group B'tselem describes Israeli forces shooting a woman in the head after she stepped out of her house carrying a piece of white cloth, in response to an Israeli loudhailer announcement... The BBC has spoken to members of another family who say they are trapped in their home by fighting and have been shot at when they tried to leave to replenish dwindling water and food supplies, even during the three-hour humanitarian lull.

Reuters: A big explosion tore through the increasingly packed Sheikh Redwan cemetery, shattering tombstones and ripping bones and recently buried flesh from the earth.

Blogger In Gaza: Israeli warplanes just bombed a funeral ceremony in a school in Eastern Sheyjayee, east of Gaza City... At least ten more are now dead. Everything is in vain here: breathing, running and seeking sanctuary, condemning Israel's war crimes, hoping, grieving, being admitted to hospitals, and -- of course -- staying home and hoping the missiles will not strike.

Independent Groups Debunk Israeli War Propaganda
UNITED NATIONS (IPS): As the Israelis try to justify the massive loss of civilian life in Gaza, their arguments and counter-charges continue to be shot down by the United Nations or by international human rights organizations.

Paul Woodward, War in Context: Erdogan is right. Israel is thumbing its nose at global opinion with a conviction -- so far well-founded -- that it can act with impunity... Israel now appears to be acting out a victory lust. Israel and its leaders have become intoxicated by their destructive capabilities to a point where they have lost their grip on reality. Israel is in a state of national psychosis.
Image source: BBC