Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harper's formers

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Supporting the Troops
Twelve of a Kind?

Bernard Shapiro, former Ethics Commissioner
John Reid, former Information Commissioner

Jean-Guy Fleury, former Chair, Immigration and Refugee Board
Adrian Measner, former CEO of the Wheat Board
Mark Mayrand, former Chief Electoral Officer

Linda Keen, former Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission president
Arthur Carty, former national science adviser

Robert Marleau, former Information Commissioner
Richard Colvin, former senior diplomat in Afghanistan
Paul Kennedy, former RCMP Complaints Commissioner
Peter Tinsley, former chair, Military Police Complaints Commission

Remy Beauregard, former President, Rights and Democracy
Munir Sheikh, former Chief Statistician
Pat Strogan, former Veterans Affairs Ombudsman
Marty Cheliak, former head, RCMP Canadian Firearms Program

Bill Casey, former Conservative MP
Helena Guergis, former Conservative cabinet minister
Garth Turner, former Conservative MP, Progressive Conservative cabinet minister and leadership candidate
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