Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Afghans blame US/NATO more than Taliban

Afghan support falls for US-NATO presence
AFP: A nationwide survey of Afghans shows plummeting support for US and NATO/ISAF forces in Afghanistan, and a rise in the number who believe attacks on those troops are acceptable... The biggest complaint: civilian deaths resulting from US and NATO air strikes, which 77 percent say is unacceptable because the risk to civilians outweighs the strikes' value in fighting insurgents... Only 18 percent of the Afghans surveyed believe that the number of US and NATO/ISAF forces should increase, while 44 percent want the number of foreign troops to drop... 'Thirty-six percent of those surveyed mostly blame US, Afghan or NATO/ISAF forces or the US or Afghan governments for the violence that's occurring, up by 10 points from 2007,' ABC said. Only 27 percent mainly blame the Taliban, down by 9 points.
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