Sunday, February 15, 2009

BC has top livability rating in Cascadia

Vancouver Sun: British Columbia leads the Pacific Northwest in terms of human health, energy efficiency and smart growth [according to] Seattle-based Sightline Institute's Cascadia 2009 Scorecard... which covers BC, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The Sightline Institute is a non-profit research centre and think-tank founded in 1993.

'British Columbians live an average of two years longer than residents of Washington and Oregon and Vancouver sets the pace for the Northwest in creating pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods,' Sightline research director Clark Williams-Derry said in a statement.

BC residents use almost one-third less energy per person (gasoline and electricity) than residents of the other regions in the Pacific Northwest, the report said...

When it comes to health, BC residents live an average of 81.6 years, two years longer than residents of the northwestern states and topping all other US states and Canadian provinces. 'If BC were an independent nation it would have the second longest lifespan in the world, after Japan.'
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