Thursday, February 5, 2009

Criminal delusion

Delusional in Davos
Foreign Policy: To achieve this state of mind, any human being probably needs to construct a formidable mental shield... Psychological self-defense, a Darwinian instinct, is part of human nature, and 'Davos Man' is no exception. Feelings of personal responsibility after a collective catastrophe are a matter for psychologists rather than World Economic Forum conversations... 

The audience seemed to enjoy the idea that the current crisis is a 'Black Swan,' a very unlikely, though possible, event. The alternative view is that of a train driven full speed into a wall. Thinking that way requires one to ask who was in the driver's seat, and just maybe recognizing one's own fingerprints on the wheel.

Truthdig: The immediate disaster, evident at Davos, is that the American economic model of deregulated market capitalism, dominant today in the US and the rest of the industrial world, cited as a vehicle of human progress, proves under examination to have been in significant part an affair of swindle, personal enrichment, looted Third World nations, international and national crime conspiracies, bank robbery and Ponzi schemes, criminal real estate, environmental and institutional rip-offs, and official corruption.
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