Thursday, February 19, 2009

POTUS and the GG

Canadian Press: OTTAWA -- Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean was the first of a handful of Canadian dignitaries to greet Barack Obama as he stepped off Air Force One onto Canadian soil for the first time as US president.

'You would never have imagined that you and I could both be here like today, coming from African descent,' Jean was quoted as telling the president as they began what insiders described as 'soft and warm' exchange...

An Obama quip had Jean leaning back, laughing and throwing an arm around the president's back as they strode side-by-side into the reception centre for a private chat. 

Jean's spokeswoman Marthe Blouin said 'at that moment she was telling him that she felt it was like a love affair between him and Canadians.'

He said that he knew that, that he'd been informed that he was very popular in Canada. Then he joked and added, 'Well it's good to know because if things do not go well for me in the States I know I can come to Canada.'
Image source here.