Sunday, June 14, 2009


Latest news: (an expat site) says that Mousavi has called on all Reformist supporters to participate in peaceful marches and demonstrations in 20 cities across Iran on Monday and a general strike on Tuesday.

Gary Sick: Iran's political coup
Andrew Sullivan: Was It A Military Coup?

Kevin Sullivan, The Compass: Iran is no longer a theocracy. To blame this on 'The Mullahs' or worse, Iran's 'Right Wing,' is to fundamentally misunderstand what is taking place there. This is a secular power grab done under the guise of Islam and revolution. The perpetrators are the enemies of western rapprochement and the proponents of economic isolation. The Revolutionary Guards benefit from Iran's economic isolation, much like the Mafia benefited from prohibition and other criminalized behavior. As any stereotypical move gangster might say, 'Why ruin a good thing?'

I believe we are witnessing the disposal of Islamic pretense, and in fact a more honest and apparent Iranian police state. How that effects their place in the world and in the region is still to be determined... Remain critical of everything you read at this point, as everyone has their own agenda.

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