Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wind power for Vancover

Massive wind turbine set to be installed on Grouse Mountain

Artist rendering; photo by Handout

Vancouver Sun: A heavy-lift helicopter will be used early next week to fly the pieces of a massive industrial wind turbine -- a first for Metro Vancouver -- to the top of the Olympic Express chairlift at Grouse Mountain... Situated at an elevation of 1,230 metres or 4,100 feet, the turbine is expected to meet 20 per cent of the ski resort's power needs. Tourists will be able to ride an elevator inside the tower to a viewing area 58 metres off the ground... 'It's meant to be an iconic symbol for Vancouver, educational and inspirational and something that gives people hope for alternative energy in Vancouver,' Grouse Mountain spokesman Chris Dagenai said of the turbine. The facility, with a maximum generating capacity of 1.5 megawatts, should be built by August or September and producing power in early 2010.