Sunday, June 28, 2009

This revolution isn't anywhere close to over

Thousands of Iranians ignore threats, march in rally
Los Angeles Times: The witness said pro-government Basiji militiamen and plainclothes security officials on motorcycles surrounded the rally and that Mousavi himself addressed the gathering by cellphone, which was attached to a megaphone, but the witness could not hear what he said. Protesters flashed victory signs as they filled the mosque and surrounding side streets. A female protester, covered completely by a black chador, taunted some of the police. 'Who are you?' she demanded. 'Are you Muslims?' Dumbfounded security officials stood and watched.

Mousavi speech (via cell phone to megaphone to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube)

Today's demonstration clearly indicates people aren't 'back to business as usual' -- they're angry, disturbed, and still willing to demonstrate in large numbers whenever they get the chance. Clearly the government has a hard task -- and their crude efforts to contain the crisis are not convincing the people... They may be beginning to realize that the anger among the people is having a long term impact on the country... It's evident possibly even majorities of a number of councils and parliament are suspicious of the election outcome. I don't think this revolution is anywhere close to over.

Images: Demotix and Indranil Mukhergee/AFP/Getty