Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Military operations after Afghan end date?

Canada's Afghan tab will be $1.35B more
Vancouver Sun (CanWest): The Treasury Board says that the cost of Canada's military mission in Afghanistan for the next two years will be $1.35 billion higher than projected a year ago by the Defence Department. Those revised estimates of the incremental costs of the Canadian Forces mission in Afghanistan are posted on the Treasury Board website. The Defence Department, citing national security provisions, censored an Access to Information request by the federal NDP that asked for those figures three weeks ago...

'The left hand and the right hand seem to have different strategies here. It's time they came clean and let the public know what was going on.' said NDP defence critic Jack Harris... 'You've got secret numbers for national security reasons, then they put them on their website.'... Harris said it is also curious that the Treasury Board figures show for the first time an estimate for the fiscal year 2011-12 when the combat mission is due to end. He said that suggests the military has a plan for operations in Afghanistan after the planned withdrawal date.
Image by Jonathan Fowlie; source here.