Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harper's contempt

Prime Minister vs. Parliament
Editorial, Toronto Star: How many times can Harper get away with closing down Parliament whenever his government is threatened?... This must represent a cover-up of serious wrongdoing.

James Travers, Toronto Star: This Prime Minister is willing to shut Parliament for reasons ranging from politically existential to merely expedient.

John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail: The Harper government's decision to have Parliament prorogued in the dead of Christmas week sets a record for taking out the trash. That's the political term for a government dumping unwelcome or unpopular announcements at times when the news is likely to be ignored. Embarrassed by a damning report? Release it on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend. Determined to short-circuit an investigation into how the government mishandled the treatment of Afghan detainees? Wait until the eve of New Year's Eve... and suspend Parliament. For anyone who believes that our governments should be honest, open and accountable, this is a travesty.

John Bagelow, National Post: Harper's continuing assault on democracy is by not too obvious for anyone to ignore... His contempt for democratic process is never far below the surface. And now, once again, Parliament -- Canada's supreme elected body -- is about to be flicked away like a mosquito. We're watching political accountability and responsible government melt away before our unbelieving eyes.
Image: Toronto Star