Saturday, December 5, 2009

Now you see it, now you don't...

... and look out, here they come:

Washington Post: In addition, the US government hopes to dissuade two other major contributors -- Canada and the Netherlands -- from their plans to pull out within two years.

National Post: Barack Obama's national security adviser... Gen. Jones said the July 2011 withdrawal date 'was picked based on the recommendations of what our military commanders thought would be possible to achieve.' He emphasized it was only 'a transition point.'

Slate: The Obama administration appears to be saying one thing to lawmakers and another to foreign officials... 'The emphasis on drawdown is for domestic consumption, to appeal to [Obama's] liberal constituency at home,' said a senior official from an allied nation. 'We were told in no uncertain terms that there will be no withdrawal.'

BBC: 'It's very important that people in Afghanistan hear this very clearly: this is not a withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan in 2011, it is a decision to turn over to the Afghans some of the responsibility where they are ready to accept that responsibility. But in no manner, shape or form is the United States leaving Afghanistan in 2011.'
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