Saturday, December 12, 2009

Islands of the People

Queen Charlotte Islands officially renamed Haida Gwaii
Vancouver Sun: Scratch Queen Charlotte Islands off your maps, the province has officially named the Islands Haida Gwaii as part of a broad-reaching land use and economic development agreement with the Haida First Nation.

The agreement, signed by Premier Gordon Campbell and Guujaaw,
president of the Haida Nation, calls for the province and Haida to reach a power-sharing arrangement for land-use decisions, revenue sharing for resources and carbon credits and $10 million in cash for the Haida to buy forest tenures.

'The protocol will support the Haida in their goal of building economic and social well-being for members of the Haida Nation and their neighbours on Haida Gwaii, Campbell said in a press release.

Guujaaw added that 'after 100 years of conflict, we have set the ground for a more productive era of peace. We have already agreed to the care and protection of the land, and now we develop processes for more responsible management.'
Image sources: Google Maps