Monday, December 28, 2009

'Perimeter': the SPP by another name

Manufacturing consent at the Toronto Star
The Toronto Star embarrassed itself on Sunday by posting a pseudo-journalism trial balloon headed 'Canada warms to idea of a tougher 'perimeter.' The propaganda piece, written by an operative in the Star's Washington Bureau (no bio), with quotes from US academics and former political appointees, masqueraded as a news story. It claimed patronizingly that 'a new generation of more confident culturally secure Canadians' who don't have a 'fragile sense of self' is beginning to come around to the idea of a security perimeter with the US. The piece offered no supporting data, and ignored recent polls contradicting its assertions -- such as this one and this one.

As two commenters observed, this was:

Manufacturing consent with a headline. This column is the sort of opinion piece that gets published every now and then (especially after a security incident that slows travel across the border) to manipulate public opinion and gauge our degree of agreement (or surrender).

It looks like this 'article,' written apparently by someone based in Washington DC, is another attempt to run the integration idea up the flagpole to see if more of us can be manipulated to salute it.

Two others said:

No thanks, I don't want to be pulled into US casino capitalism and endless wars (any more than we already are).

One big beneficiary of such a perimeter would be the arms and 'security' industry. It would be another way to keep the US economy afloat, like the Harper purchase of military equipment. Weapons are the #1 US export, nearly the only things they make in any quantity anymore.

A perimeter would also allow the US to lock in Canada's natural resources.

So the waters were tested, and they proved to be rough. After spirited blowback, overwhelmingly against the premise of the 'article' and exposing its strategy, the Star closed comments and removed the piece from its main page. But it can still be found here. Enjoy the comments. For more reading pleasure, sort them by 'most agreed.'

So hear ye, hear ye! The 'Security and Prosperity Partnership' is dead. Long live the 'Perimeter'! And if you don't like it, you're 'culturally insecure'!
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